This is a copy of a Facebook post from Ken Middleton, owner of Living Water Strings.


    If you perform or record a well-known song, why not try to really make it your own? Don't try to imitate the original - you are unlikely to succeed. Do it differently. Here are 10 tips that may help:

    1. Change the tempo. You can usually slow down any song. Speeding up is trickier and often sounds hurried.
    2. Change the mood. Make it more thoughtful or pensive, for instance.
    3. Change the character of the accompaniment. if the original is strumming, try fingerpicking instead.
    4. Change the intro to one of your own.
    5. Change the melody just enough to be more expressive.
    6. Change the style. Try a reggae feel, for instance. It works with almost anything.
    7. Change the things you don't like about the original.
    8. Change the key to suit you and the effect you want to put across.
    9. Change the way you play all the way through the song. don't do a strumming pattern all the way through. This helps to keep a solo ukulele accompaniment interesting.
    10. Change the structure of the song e.g. repeat certain parts, add instrumental passages, miss verses out, etc.

    Hope this helps.
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