• Let There Be Harps!

    The first collection of Novice 26 Harps, built by Bytown Instruments under the wise tutelage of Don Peddle of Random Sound Musical Instruments, is now complete. They've even taken their first road trip to the Northern Lights Harp Festival in Cornwall! We're delighted to be building Novice 26 harps and look forward to offering them to the harping community.


    Just a little background on this project for those of you who may be wondering how a couple of ukulele builders wound up adding so many more strings to their instruments. Don Peddle, an experienced and well-known harp maker, recently decided to retire from the harp-making business to focus on other projects. Don is known for his inventive designs which include the V68 'Lovers' Double Harp and his suitcase-sized 24 String Travel Harp

    Don has also been a 'sought after' builder for his affordable, yet great sounding, Novice 26 Harp. These handmade harps have been sold throughout North America and Europe. While on a musical camping trip in Algonquin Park, Don and Mark discussed the future of the Novice 26 Harp in between playing tunes. Plans were hatched, designs and parts were exchanged, and voila - the Novice 26 Harp found a new home here with Bytown Instruments

    The Novice 26 design is well tested and a cut above other offerings in its price range. This solid, small harp, initially created with school and rental programs in mind, has proven to be a great choice for both beginners and more experienced players. Optimized for tone, its simple design and construction offer quality and durability.

    The Future

    We love musical instruments.  We love to help people get involved in making music by building well-made, affordable instruments. We're excited to see where this new adventure will take us.

    We have a small number of harps ready to ship before Christmas 2015. We're also now taking orders for delivery over winter 2016.

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