• Bytown N26 Harp Monthly Rental Program

    Bytown Instruments

  • $30.00

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  • Description

    We offer the Bytown N26 Harp with a stand, for rent on a weakly or monthly (min. 3 months) basis. If after renting it for a period of time you decide that you would like to purchase a Bytown N26  Harp, 75% of rental fees can be used towards that purchase.

    Note: As a security deposit, we require a credit card number to be kept on file, to be used only for the monthly renewal, delivery or pickup ($50.00 plus fuel surcharge) if required, or purchase of the harp should you decide to keep it.

    The Bytown N26 is an affordable, quality harp known for its full & rich tone, making it well suited for players of all levels.


    • 26 Strings
    • 3.5 octave range from C (below middle C) to high G
    • 36" tall x 23" deep x 10" wide (up to 49" tall with optional stand)
    • Weighs approximately 8 lbs
    • Solid Cherry Wood Neck and Post
    • Baltic Birch Frame and Soundboard
    • Options available for levers and finishing


    Without any levers, the Bytown N26 Harp can be played in the key of C and A minor or tuned to any other scale. There is a lifetime of music already published in these keys.

    With levers on the C & F strings, the Bytown N26 Harp can be played in the key of C, D, and G as well as the relative minors, Am, Em and Bm, making it well-suited for Celtic music and frequently the choice of harpists wishing to have a harp for music therapy.

    Sharping levers installed on the C, F & B strings, allow the player to play in the keys of C, D, G, F and the relative minors Am, Em, Bm and Dm. On this instrument it is recommended that the B-string be tuned down to B-flat and sharped to B natural for the keys of F and Dm.

    A fully levered Bytown N26  Harp makes the complete range of lever harp music available. This harp can be played in 8 keys; Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A and E and the relative minors. A fully levered harp is the choice of traveling harp professionals and skilled amateurs the world over. A fully levered harp also tend to be the favourite of those with general music knowledge or those who play other instruments like piano, guitar and violin because having full sharping adds considerably more flexibility and opens musical possibility.

    A fully levered Bytown N26 Harp will require an initial retuning to make those keys accessible.  

    Tuning your Bytown N26 Harp to play with flats: Keys of F, Bb, Eb tuning to the key of F major. (using B flats)
    1. Raise all your B levers.
    2. Tune your harp as usual tuning the B's to a natural as usual.
    3. Leave the B levers up for all keys except when you need B flats. Then for F major (B flats) lower the B levers and it will lower your B's 1/2 step to the flat.
    4. If you want to play a song with 2 flats key of B flat major (B flat and E flat), use this same procedure and include all E's. Then the B flats and E flats will remain up, as naturals, unless you need them as flats.
    5. If you want to tune for the key of E flat major (B flat, E flat and A flat), use the same procedure and add the A's.

    Many harpists leave their harps tuned to E flat (with the B's, E's and A's up). Then they are able to play in up to 4 sharps and up to 3 flats without retuning their harp.


    We also make a stand that has been specifically designed for the Bytown N26. It is included with the purchace of a Bytown N26 harp and is also sold separately. Featuring a simple and sturdy design, this stand can be easily disassembled to fit inside a harp bag. Made from Baltic Birch plywood, it can be stained to match the finish of the soundbox of your Bytown N26.