• Grossi Metodo Per Arpa

    Grossi, Maria

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    Written by Maria Grossi (b. 1886), this 154-page method book is thorough and easy to follow, but beware: all of the text is in Italian!

    It includes helpful pictures and diagrams throughout, which demonstrate hand position and playing methods. The book focuses mostly on hand and finger technique, and sound production, without much attention to pedal or key changes. Most exercises are in the key of C, and could be played on a lever harp. This book also includes 65 easy and progressive little studies by Ettore Pozzoli which incorporate the book's techniques.

    For Lever and Pedal harps

    Grade 2 Exam - Technical Requirements:
    one of no. 9 (p.114), 13a (p. 100), 13b (p. 100) or 17 (p. 104)

    Grade 4 Exam - Technical Requirements:
    no. 4 (p.109)

    * pls confirm with the RCM website (https://examinations.rcmusic.ca/publications-0).  This is just a tool to help guide your choices and not necessarily up to date.
  • Grossi Metodo Per Arpa
  • Grossi Metodo Per Arpa

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