• Harp Dolly - 6 Wheel

    Classical Harp Academy

  • $600.00 $690.00

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  • Description

    Harp Dolly 6 Wheel


    This specialized 6-wheeled natural finish Harp Dolly by Salvi Harps, has a unique tandem 3-wheel chassis allowing you to easily negotiate stairs as each wheel assembly rotates as you travel on each step. Weighing 33 lbs., it stands 43” tall with 6” diameter rubber wheels and a 6” deep and 16 ¾” wide tray lined with a non-slip material.Two padded nylon straps, one at the top and one at the base of the cart, anchor your harp in place with velcro buckles securing it for transportation.

    Ships in Canada Only. 

    Inventory available but must contact us to coordinate shipping cost. Shipping costs can be up to $175.00 depending on destination.

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