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    We will no longer be offering Living water Strings for sale on our website once the remaining sets are gone.

    We have introduced our own line of 100% hi-tech clear fluorocarbon that gives a wonderfully vibrant, crystal-clear tone to your ukulele. We have put them together as sets or if you wish to customize your own set, we also sell the different gauges by the inch.

    Gone Fishin' Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings

    One of the not-so-secret secrets about the ukulele is that some of the best strings are made from fishing line. It's true. There are a vast number of ukulele string producers out there and most have their strings made in Japan by companies that produce fluorocarbon angling leader. When you give it a little thought, companies that make fine fishing line already have the machines to produce string.

    Seaguar is the producer of the finest fluorocarbon leader for fishing. This line is made in two layers and referred to as DSF, Double-Structure Fluorocarbon. The inner layer is hard, while the outer layer is soft. As uke strings, this allows the strings to stay in tune, be resistant to abrasion so they last a long time, while being easy on the fingers. For over a year now, Joel has had a set of Seaguars on one of his ukes that he uses every day for teaching and hosting Ukebox Pub Night. They show minimum signs of wear and are still bright and keep in tune.

    String specifications for remaining sets

    SIZE  Baritone
    TUNING Re-entrant (high D) 

    1 = 0.62mm
    2 = 0.74mm
    3 = 0.91mm
    4 = 0.62mm
    PRICE $15.95

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