• Timber: Electric Bass

    The Magic Fluke Company

  • $750.00

  • Description

    The Magic Fluke Timber Bass sets a new standard for short scale, solid body, electric basses: versatile; portable; tuned to EADG and playable like a full size bass guitar. Sound is deep, rich and resonant due to its more traditional metal wound strings.

    The Timber Bass is available both fretted and fret-less. The fretted fingerboard has both side and face dots. The fret-less has side dots only with no fret markers or face dots. Bolt on removable neck designed for easy adjustment or repair.

    21.5" scale length over a hardwood body and neck. Locally sourced woods include cherry, butternut, ash and maple depending on inventory. Fingerboard is hard maple and available both fretted and fret-less with face and side markers. The strings are metal wound with a synthetic core, custom built to our spec by LaBella in New York (spare sets also available). Optional flatwound strings with steel core will be available soon. Tuners are planetary geared custom Pegheds with 4:1 ratio for fine tuning.

    The bridge-less design incorporates a rosewood saddle and a Shadow pickup system. The built in electronics include an active 6V lithium cell powered preamp with volume/tone control and digital tuner. An adjustable 1" wide leather strap from LM Products anchors to the strap button on the output jack at the bottom end of the instrument and a built in
    loop of Kevlar cord at the base of the neck. Overall 28" long by 8" wide and weighing in at about 3.25 lbs.
    Optional black padded soft case made in USA by TKL is available.

    Manufactured in Sheffield MA. Please contact for more information.