• Worship Medley

    Bemiss, Angi

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    Angi arranged these four songs because of special requests from friends. The sheet music has both C & Eb versions and contains the following songs: Here I Am To Worship, Wonderful, Merciful Savior, Jesus, Draw Me Close, Breathe.

    Angi's arrangements are intermediate or lower intermediate, and they are sight-readable by advanced harpists and some are sight-readable by intermediate harpists. Despite their simplicity they sound full. The melody is clear, and the harmonies are accurate and supportive of the beautiful melodies Angi chooses to arrange.

    These selections are very usable by harpists for many different types of occasions, including background music, weddings, funerals, meditations, sacred services, hospital and hospice work.

    For Lever and Pedal Harps
  • Worship Medley
  • Worship Medley

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