We have been “aged to imperfection”. While we may not look as pretty on the outside, we are young at heart (and fully functional) on the inside!  

  • Each listing is a one of a kind.  Don’t miss out on some great deals!
  • Check back regularly for new additions to our Bargain Basement Beauties.
  • Standard shipping rates apply.
  • All sales are final.

What can I expect??

These items may be older, or may have damage to covers or pages or may be less popular items. We will endeavour to show you pictures of the item where possible.  To help you decide if the product is for you, we have categorized each one as to their condition:


  • Senior Stock: We’ve been kicking around for a while and need a home.
  • Blemished Beauties:  Stains or mark on cover - Condition:  pianissimo, mezzo forte or forte (imperfection, small, med or large)
  • Wish We Could Bb (as in key of B flat) :Wrinkles or curves. Music that is creased, bent or may have curled edges - Condition: BbM (major) or Bbm (minor)
  • Nobody Loves Me: less popular items or previously enjoyed.