We offer in-shop repair, maintenance and customization services on all stringed instruments ranging from installing strap buttons to fret replacement and dressing to re-building entire instruments. Our shop rate is $85.00/hr. with a minimum charge of $15.00. Contact us at btn.instruments@gmail.com to arrange an appointment and discuss your needs.

Some of the basic services we offer are as follows:

  • Re-Stringing                                           $15.00 plus strings
  • Strap Button Installation                         $15.00 plus parts
  • Buffing                                  starting at  $30.00                                                        
  • Fret Dressing                                         $40.00
  • Nuts & Saddles:             adjust existing  $35.00
  • Nuts & Saddles:           new, starting at  $63.75
  • Full Setup                                              $85.00 plus parts (new strings recommended)