I offer in-shop repair, maintenance and customization services on all stringed instruments ranging from installing strap buttons to fret replacement and dressing to re-building entire instruments. My shop rate is $85.00/hr. with a minimum charge of $15.00. Contact me at bytowninstruments@ bell.net to arrange an appointment and discuss your needs.

Some of the basic services I offer are listed below.



 Ukulele $18.00 UBass $42.50
Steel String Guitar or Bass $27.00 Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo $36.00
Harp (bringing to pitch 3 times/3 day included) $4.50 per string Harp Tuning $21.50

Harp must be left at least three days for complete restringing.


 Ukulele $85.00 UBass $85.00
Resonator Ukulele $95.00 Resonator Guitar $105.00
Mandolin $85.00 Banjo $85.00
Guitar or Bass (Electric or Acoustic) $85.00 and up

Set up includes: restring, tighten and lubricate all hardware, clean and condition fingerboard, fret polish to remove minor scratches, pits and corrosion, cleaning of entire instrument, check and adjust string action and intonation, file nut slots for proper string movement, test electronics, adjust or rehang loose wiring and replace battery if needed, full inspection and play test.. Part not included.


 Fret Side Dress - Ukulele $30.00 Fret Side Dress - Guitar $50.00
Full Fret Level - Ukulele $50.00 Full Fret Level - Guitar $150.00 + Setup
Partial Fret Level $10.00 per fret + Setup Glue Loose Frets $8.50 per fret + Setup
Partial Refret - unbound $25.00 per fret + Setup Partial Refret - bound

$30.00 per fret + Setup

Full Refret - unbound $380.00 + Setup Full Refret - bound

$440.00 + Setup

Fret leveling and refret work require a setup; refrets includes leveling of the fingerboards.

Nut Replacement

  Premade Custom
Ukulele, Banjo or 4 string Bass $35.00 + Setup $90.00 + Setup
Mandolin $50.00 + Setup $120.00 + Setup
6-String Guitar $40.00 + Setup $90.00 + Setup
12-String Guitar $55.00 + Setup $120.00 + Setup

A setup is required to ensure proper fit and performance.

Strap Button Installation; $15.00 plus parts.

Buffing: Starting at $40.00 and up

Harp Regulation; $4.50 per lever

Harp Lever Installation; starting at $21.50 ea.

Parts not included in all above prices.