About Us

Bytown Ukuleles began as a creative collaboration between two Ottawa-based artisans, Mark Rogers and Joel Jacques, who share an enthusiasm for all things ukulele. Using traditional luthier techniques, we build unique, custom instruments using a variety of local, exotic and found woods. We designed and created instruments which explored the visual and sonic possibilities of the small but mighty ukulele.

In spring 2014, Bytown Ukuleles established a relationship with Mainland Ukes to sell their instruments in the Canadian market. We chose this line of instruments because of Mark's long appreciation of his Red Cedar Tenor as well as Joel's previous positive experiences dealing with Mike and Tookta of Mainland Ukes. 

Mark Rogers is a cabinetmaker, well known for the beautiful custom furniture he designs and builds for select clients. He is also a co-organizer of the wildly popular "Bytown Ukulele Group", a group that gets together regularly for the sheer joy of playing ukulele. Mark is also the owner of Fleur de Lyre Music, a Canadian Harp Sheet Music Boutique.


(Joel Jacques left, Mark Rogers right)

Joel Jacques has been building quality instruments for fifteen years. Joel now spends most of his time teaching group and private ukulele classes in the Ottawa area through www.ukeboxlessons.com. He also leads the Ukebox Pub Night jams

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Mark Rogers at bytowninstruments@bell.net