About Me

Hi! My name is Mark Rogers. I’m a certified cabinetmaker and for most of my life I built fine custom furniture. When I started playing ukulele in 2009 I developed my skills as a luthier. That led me to building custom ukuleles for a time, but now I choose to focus on distributing ukuleles for three well-loved brands, repairing and maintaining instruments, selling parts and accessories for ukulele and harps, and selling sheet music for harps through my Fleur de Lyre Music, a Canadian Harp Sheet Music Boutique.

And just for fun, in our spare time, my wife Sue and I lead the wildly popular "Bytown Ukulele Group" a lively group that gets together regularly for the sheer joy of playing ukulele. Our website has over a thousand songs and we keep adding new ones every month! 

Mark Rogers

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact me at bytowninstruments@bell.net or (613) 526-4313