Bytown Ukuleles Present Mainland Ukes!

Mainland Ukes is a home grown family business based in Nashville Indiana, dedicated to providing quality ukuleles at a great price. I have always loved this small company's instruments with their solid wood construction, rich tones, and playability. Aesthetically simple yet pleasing, with a cool vintage vibe. Bytown Ukuleles is working with Mainland Ukes to distribute these wonderful instruments at a great price to my customers in Canada.

If you are anywhere in the USA, call Mike or Tookta at Mainland Ukes in Indiana.

If you are in Canada, contact me at Bytown Ukuleles. When you choose to buy from me, you will be buying from someone who builds, repairs and plays ukuleles. Mainland Ukes and Bytown Intruments take time setting up each instrument to make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase.