• Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard

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    Note: If you are placing an order to be shipped to an address within the USA, I would recommend contacting Mike Hater at Mainland Ukes in Nashville Indiana. It will end up being cheaper as you won't be required to pay for international shipping and you will receiver your order faster, not waiting for it to clear customs.

    Here are ready made neck and fingerboard assemblies for your next build project. They are good quality, well shaped necks made from traditional materials.

    Ideal for:

    • Traditional Ukulele Making - eliminate the need to carve the neck by hand.
    • Cigar box ukes
    • Banjo ukes with any frame drum
    • Tin Can Ukes
    • Experimental uke making of all kinds

    The set contains a Mahogany neck with 4 drilled holes for tuning pegs, 1 set of basic friction pegs and a Rosewood fretboard.  Soprano (13-5/8" scale length) has 15 frets, 12th. to the body; Concert (15-1/8" scale length) & Tenor (17-1/8" scale length) have 18 frets, 14th. to the body; Baritone (19-3/4" scale length) has 19 frets, 14th. to the body. Frets are already installed. Please note that dimensions listed are an approximation rounded off to the nearest 1/8"..

    I normally sell these as a set, but also offer the neck and fretboard as individual components. I have also bundled these together with our Genuine Bone Nut and Saddle set and our Rosewood Bridge.

    The only other choice you would need to make would be whether you'd like to upgrade from standard friction pegs to Deluxe Friction Pegs or Sealed Gear Machines and choose your favorite Aquila or Bytown Ukuleles "Gone Fishin" Fluorocarbon strings.

    I also offer a Mahogany Slot-Head Tenor Neck and Rosewood Fretboard (17" scale length) with 18 frets, 14th. to the body. Sold with or without Open Geared Tuners for the Slotted Headstocks.

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  • Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard
  • Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard
  • Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard
  • Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard
  • Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fretboard

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