• Salvi Aida #27234 - Preloved

    Classical Harp Academy

  • $3,375.00

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  • Description

    Preloved Salvi Aida 34 String Harp

    This is a lovely harp! Perfect for a beginning harpist or one who like to travel with the harp.  Very lightweight and portable, with a delicate, yet rich sound. It has 34 strings and is fully levered.
    Approx. 9 years old

    This harp shows minimal signs of wear, is in excellent condition with a beautiful walnut finish. Tuning wrench included.
    • Extreme height: 51"
    • Extreme height with legs (not included): 59"
    • Extreme width: 27"
    • Extreme soundboard width: 13"
    • Weight: 25-1/2 lbs
    • Number of strings: 34
    • Range: 6th. Octave C - 1st. Octave A
    • Colour: Walnut
    • Serial No.: 27234

    Note: Colour different from that shown in picture.

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