• Gratitude

    Loucks, RoJean

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  • Description

    Twelve original contemplative melodies for solo harp. Keys of C, G, and F.  No lever changes within the pieces. The book is dedicated to the composer's late husband, who passed away September 2012. The tunes represent difficult and joyous times. 

    GRATITUDE contains:

    • Chasing Butterflies, a simple upbeat tune
    • For Joshua, a carefree melody honoring a grandson
    • Gratitude, a reflective tune from a grateful heart
    • In God's Hands, a peaceful lilt
    • Elegy for Aryn, honoring a wee grandchild who died in utero
    • Hope, a meditative reflection
    • Farewell, a slow, pensive air
    • Solitude, a tranquil easy-going melody
    • Letting Go, a reflective air
    • New Beginnings, a simple tune with a positive feel
    • Peter's Delight, a capricious melody for a young grandson
    • Rainy Morn, a thoughtful contemplation


    For Lever and Pedal Harps


  • Gratitude
  • Gratitude
  • Gratitude
  • Gratitude
  • Gratitude

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