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    Chrome-plated brass resonator ukulele cover plate for single cone resonator ukulele or cigar box guitar. Cover plate is 6-3/8" in diameter with a chrome-plated finish.

    These ukulele cover plates do not require a tail-piece.

    Two styles available:

    • Diamond Holes - finish: chrome plated (groupings of many small holes to form a diamond shape)
    • Chicken Holes - finish: chrome plated (groupings of 3 slots) (Chicken Holes Temporarily Out of Stock)

    Also available as a kit. Kit includes:

    Ukulele Reso Kit

    • 4 Piece set for Ukulele or Cigarbox Guitar

    • 6 3/8" Standard Ukulele Cover Plate

    • 5 7/8" Hand Spun Aluminum Cone

    • 1-5/8" Rosewood Biscuit

    • 1-5/8" Maple Saddle

    • Screws for cover plates, for wooden body, set of 12; size; #3 x 3/8"

      Available in three finishes; Nickel or Brass with standard slot head and Zinc with #0 Robertson head.

      Zinc screws are included when purchasing a Resonator Coverplate or Resonator Coverplate Kit. To order Nickel or Brass screws with a slotted head, see "Resonator Cover Plate Screws".

    Some tips for building your Resonator ukulele.

    The hole needs to be 6" in diameter. Any larger and the coverplate screws will not have any material to screw into. The cone is 5-7/8" dia. For the sound well, I use ¾” (19mm) Baltic plywood and rebate the inside edge 3/8” wide by approx. ½” +/- deep. The final depth that I look for is approx. 5/8” including the thickness of the top so that the top of the biscuit, when installed, is flush with the coverplate or a little bit proud. The action is then determined by the height of the saddle. I also install a 7” x 5/8” x ½” beam under the sound well with a sound post in the centre connecting to the back. This gives added support to the shelf at the bottom of the sound well and also transfers some of the sound energy to the back of the instrument. The same idea as a violin.

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  • Resonator Cover Plate
  • Resonator Cover Plate
  • Resonator Cover Plate
  • Resonator Cover Plate
  • Resonator Cover Plate

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