• 40 Easy Pieces - Digital Download

    Helmer, Aiga

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    This book has something to delight almost every audience and player. Engaging and interesting, with lots of variety. Ms. Helmer has included several "fake" style songs challenging the player to unleash creativity and improve improvisation skills. Many pieces are single pages. Keys of C, G, F, Bb, and Eb with a few accidentals, so a full range lever harp tuned to Eb or pedal harp is recommended. Accompaniment chords are clearly marked above the treble line. There are a variety of tempos and moods, everything from 6/8 to 4/4, and lots of captivating rhythms. UPPER BEGINNER TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE

    Also available in printed format: 40 Easy Pieces

    CONTENTS:  Allgauer Peasant Dance, Andante #3, Anika, Blue Bells, Bunt sind schon die Walder, Contredance in G Major, Dance of the Bride, Dancing Autumn Leaves, Dreaming by the Sea, Elegy in G Minor, Evening Song, Festive Minuet, For You, Harp Waltz #3, Joy of Life, Lament in C Minor, Land of the Silver Birch, Little Serenade, Luna Llena, March #3 or Processional, Minuet #13, Minuet #6 + Processional, Menuett #6, Nachtigall (Nightingale), Night Breezes, Pastorella in Bb Major, Polonaise #5 (Processional), Polonaise #4, Polonaise #6, Promise, Rhydian, Salamanca, Silver Clouds, Solstice, Sword Dance, Thalhamer Andante, Variations on 17th c. Minuet, Waltizing with You, Wedding - Minuet, Wedding - Polonaise.

    For Lever and Pedal harps

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  • 40 Easy Pieces - Digital Download
  • 40 Easy Pieces - Digital Download
  • 40 Easy Pieces - Digital Download

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