• A Virginia Sampler

    Pool, Ray

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    A combined arrangement for harp trio of the American folksongs Shenandoah and Old Virginia (a reel whose melody is very similar to Flowers of Edinburgh). The melodies are each stated in solo versions in a medley and then combined in an overlay. The entire arrangement is in the key of C major with no accidentals. Harp 1 (advanced) plays the melody of Shenandoah in octaves along with other harmonic additions, also carrying the fast paced melody line of Old Virginia in a single solo line divided between the hands. Harp 2 (intermediate) plays the accompaniment for both tunes using various patterns of both triad and seventh chord harmony. Harp 3 (introductory) plays a harmonic reinforcement to Harp 2 in quarter, half, dotted half and whole note intervals. While Harp 3 is "optional", it is still an important part of the arrangement. The set includes individual parts for Harp 1, 2 and 3 and a full score for the conductor, all folded into a heavy card stock cover. INTERMEDIATE

    Table of Contents:
    Shenandoah and Old Virginia

    For Lever and Pedal harps

  • A Virginia Sampler
  • A Virginia Sampler

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