• Bow Brand Lever Gut Strings

    Bow Brand

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    Please note: Retail price increase as of June 13, 2023 on Bow Brand Lever Gut strings.

    Harpists and harp manufacturer’s use Bow Brand’s natural gut strings worldwide. Its superior playability and brighter sound quality makes it the musical professional’s first choice. Gut strings are stronger, more elastic and durable giving reliability, consistency of sound and an impeccable life long performance.

    The Bow Brand factory has been manufacturing natural gut for over 100 years. Complete care and attention is necessary at every stage of the manufacturing process from washing and selecting, measuring, curing, spinning and drying to holding, polishing, quality control and finally packing. A process, that takes about 6 weeks to complete.

    With years of experience in technical research, development, and string testing, Bow Brand has proven expertise in producing natural gut strings that are unparalleled in the industry.

    Available for lever harps who uses gut strings.

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