• Little Lady Harmonic - Key of C

    Parts & Acc.

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  • Description

    ~~ SOLD OUT! ~~

    Smallest playable harmonica in the world. 4 Holes, 8 Reeds
    • This tiny (3.5 cm long) harmonica is among the smallest commercially manufactured musical instrument
    • Features a range of one whole octave and are constructed according to the same exacting standards as the regular models
    • They are 100 % playable and make great gifts
    Miniature harmonicas not only make great gifts, their tonal range of one full diatonic octave also makes them completely playable (even under conditions of weightlessness).

    The Little Lady's extraterrestrial premiere took place on December 16th 1965, when astronaut Walter Schirra smuggled one on board the Gemini 4 and surprised ground control with a spirited rendition of "Jingle Bells". With an overall length of only 1.38" it is the smallest playable series manufactured harmonica in the world (or out of it).
    It comes packaged in a clear plastic ball. If you require shipping, I will  remove the container to allow it to be shipped in a bubble mailer for a lesser price. If you want the clear plastic container, please contact me for a shipping quote.

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