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    Griffin, Joanne

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    These MP3 files, played by Jeanne De La Mare, are from Joanne Griffin's Northern Lights 2nd Edition: Solo and Ensemble Music. This will allow the user to play either Harp 1 or Harp 2 while being accompanied by this .mp3

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    Northern Lights 2nd Edition: Solo and Ensemble Music

    This book was originally designed to provide accessible harp arrangements to budding soloists and harp circles. However, as the book took shape it became apparent that it could serve several purposes:


    • supply accessible arrangements for soloists, ensembles and harp circles
    • give students/teachers more learning/teaching material (Focus Time book)
    • present a range of musical styles for the folk harp
    • broaden the repertoire of therapeutic musicians    
    • encourage harpist to gather and develop a harp community with a purpose    
    • offer session musicians the opportunity for inclusions in harp circles 

    The arrangements were carefully crafted with the purposes listed above in mind. Most of the 60 tunes can be played as solos. The optional counter melodies, bass lines, and 2nd harp part are designed to fill out the solo piece, similar to puzzle pieces fitting together. Chord symbols are provided to allow session musicians to join in. This book has been a popular seller to various harp circles and summer camps in North America.

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