• Snowfall - Bargain Basement Beauty!

    Nystrom, Marianna

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    Saddle stapling done so that page edges were uneven. Has not withstood storage well.  Edges of pages show signs of wear.

    Contemplative music. Four pieces that are nicely developed improvisations. Very well-written. Due to some large reaches and a few eighth note runs that may be a little tricky for the less experienced player. Each piece is nicely developed and four to five pages long. The  soulful piece "September Sorrow" was written as a commemorative piece after Sept 9/11. Snowfall requires at least a full range lever harp, the other three are adaptable to a 32 or 29 string harp. No lever or pedal changes. Suitable for hospice. 20 pages


    Snowfall (key of D major in 6/4 time),

    Moondance (key of Bb in 4/4 time),

    September Sorrow (the key of Eb in 3/4 time), and

    Meditation (key of F in 3/4 time)..ADVANCED BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE

    For Lever and Pedal Harp


  • Snowfall - Bargain Basement Beauty!
  • Snowfall - Bargain Basement Beauty!
  • Snowfall - Bargain Basement Beauty!

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