• Full Set - Dusty Strings FH36H, FH36S & FH36B

    Dusty Strings

  • $310.00

  • Description

    Nylon Strung Harps

    Dusty Strings numbers their strings starting from the top, so #1 is the highest and shortest string. Please make sure you are ordering strings for the correct model of harp, as they are not interchangeable and are not returnable if you order the wrong ones.

    *Note: Dusty Strings changed the design of their FH36 in mid-1991, and the string lengths changed as well. If you think your harp might be around that age, be sure you check the model name that is written on the sticker inside the back of the harp. If it says "FH36" without an H, B or S at the end, it is the Pre-1992 style.

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