• The Castle of Dromore

    Starke, Shirley

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    "The October winds lament around the Castle of Dromore,
    Yet peace is in its lofty halls, my loving treasure store.
    Though autumn leaves may droop and die, a bud of spring are you.
    Sing hushabye lu la lu lo lan, Sing hushabye lu la lu."


    This lullaby is one of the oldest extant Irish songs, lulling a child to sleep with a prayer for safety against the wild weather and "Clan Eoin's wild Banshee." The sheet music includes words (3 verses), melody, chords, and arrangement for the lever or pedal harp. It is 4 pages, 8½" x 11'. Easy to intermediate. 

    For Lever or Pedal harps)
  • The Castle of Dromore
  • The Castle of Dromore

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