• The Harp Ensemble Book - Digital Download

    Kolle, Beth

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    Eleven Enchanting Ensemble Pieces for Every Harper - 109 pages

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    Excellent resource for multi-level ensembles and teachers who wish to play duets with their students. Six duets, five trios, all music arranged by Beth Kollé except for Polonaise, which was arranged by Sue Richards. Includes suggestions for ensemble rehearsal, tips for playing together, and various ways of splitting up the parts to suit individuals in the group.  
    Table of Content:
        The Butterfly (duet)
        Dance from Asker (duet)
        Carolan's Draught (duet or trio)
        Loftus Jones II (duet or trio)
        On the Way to Stavanger (duet) by Fred Aalto
        Polonaise (duet), arranged by Sue Richards
        Polska from Säfnäs (trio)
        Schottis (trio)
        Oh Shenandoah (duet)
        Snowfall Waltz (duet), by James Lough
        Waltz for Kuisma (duet or trio) by Lauri Keskinen
    For lever or pedal harps

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  • The Harp Ensemble Book - Digital Download
  • The Harp Ensemble Book - Digital Download
  • The Harp Ensemble Book - Digital Download

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