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    If you do a lot of regulations and want to save time without compromising precision, consider using threaded bridge pins. Machined from hexagonal brass bar stock, our bridge pins are turned to round and threaded with a 32-pitch thread. The exposed hexagonal shanks can be easily turned using nut drivers, giving you precise control of the bridge pin height for exacting regulations.

    Like traditional round bridge pins, our pins are designed to be pressed into their holes. The tops of the threads are flat instead of a sharp V, so they don't ream the holes on the way in. Available in two sizes, our pins fit in the same size holes as round pins and can be used to retrofit a harp if desired. Medium pins are also available in a bevel-headed version for use in the upper range where regulation requires the lever to be placed extremely close to the bridge pin.

    To install and adjust threaded bridge pins you can use standard tools from a hardware shop.

    Medium: 5/32" diameter, 1.25" long. Use 5/32" drill bit on dense woods. Less dense woods may require drill bit sizes #23 or #24. Use 5/32" driver to adjust. Colour: Nickel plated.

    Large: 3/16" diameter, 1.5" long. Use 3/16" drill bit and nut driver. Colour: Brass

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