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    Ukulele Strap

    Profile 1.5” Nylon Ukulele Strap – genuine nylon ukulele strap with Italian leather tabs and tri-glide adjustors. Available in three colours/patterns.

    Neotech Ukulele / Mandolin Strap

    Finally, ukulele and mandolin players can customize a strap to exactly fit their needs while benefitting from the weight reduction comfort of Neotech straps. The Ukulele/Mandolin Strap can even be used on small guitars!
    It’s easy to attach and holds your instrument securely. The strap comes with several options for customizing the length as well as the method of attachment. Both sides of the strap have extension pieces which can be adjusted or quickly removed with quick-release buckles if needed in order to get the shoulder pad positioned perfectly. Each extension piece can add 5.75"–8.75" (14,6cm–22,2 cm) to the strap. While the back of the strap offers a quick-release leather tab for use with a strap pin, the front side offers two choices of attachment hardware also with a quick-release buckle. It offers a loop attachment with a triglide buckle to secure around either the headstock or the scroll of an F-Style mandolin as well as a top-grade leather attachment for instruments with a strap pin. The modular system makes this the most versatile and comfortable strap on the market. With extra Mandolin/Ukulele Connectors (sold separately) you can keep a set of connectors on a second instrument to make switching from one to another faster and easier than ever!
    • Tailored neoprene strap with weight reduction system.
    • Easy to attach with compact quick disconnect system.
    • Soft nylon webbing for easy neck or scroll attachment.
    • Fully adjustable in length 36" - 46" (91.4cm - 116.8cm).
    • Made in the USA.
    • Ukulele Strap
    • Ukulele Strap
    • Ukulele Strap
    • Ukulele Strap
    • Ukulele Strap

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