• Variations sur un thème de Mozart

    Le Dentu, Odette

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    Upper intermediate transcription of a 12-measure motif. Theme is large chords, V1 has RH 16th notes in Alberti style, V2 is Allegro Risoluto with LH chords then Alberti style, V3 is linear arpeggios, V4 is Allegro Molto with LH on the beat (PDLT toward the end) and RH on the pick up, V5 is Andante with chorded arpeggios in the RH with LH mainly quarter notes, V6 is Allegro with 32nd notes throughout RH and LH octave quarter notes. Excellent technique developer. No accidentals, can be played on full range folk harp.  Written in the key of C major.

    For Upper intermediate lever or pedal harp.


    Grade 8 Exam - List B

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  • Variations sur un thème de Mozart
  • Variations sur un thème de Mozart

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