• Aquila Thundergut Bass Ukulele Strings

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    These strings are made with Aquila's special plastic compound that assures superior performance over other polyurethane bass ukulele strings available in the market.

    Good intonation, powerful performance.
    Colour: Aquila's traditional white




    The Thunder Reds® sets: a unique look and a strong, consistent sound.

    Until now, it was necessary to increase a string’s gauge to reach lower frequencies. But increasing the string’s diameter also increases internal dampening. That makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled: the thicker the string, the duller the sound.

    "Our revolutionary new approach changes the specific weight of the material, increasing it progressively to leave the gauge unchanged."

    NOTE: 69U Aquila 5 String Thundergut 5 String Set GDAEB available by special order only. Please contact us to place your order.

    Warning: these sets are designed for Bass ukuleles 20 inches scale only. Do not use it on longer scale.

  • Aquila Thundergut Bass Ukulele Strings
  • Aquila Thundergut Bass Ukulele Strings

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