• American Harp Cart

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    Paul Arthur has created the Lexus of harp carts. Fit and finish are superb - as nice as the harp it transports. Paul has done his homework - the wheels are the optimal size to accommodate any stair situation; the base is wide enough and deep enough to handle harps of any size (especially pedal harps); and the skid-proof foundation holds your harp securely in transit. The American Harp Cart is sturdy, capable, and reliable.

    Frank Voltz
    Professional Harpist

    • Aesthetically pleasing lightweight (16 lbs) hardwood maple construction complements the investment you have in your instrument.
    • Balanced design will stand upright without falling backwards.

    • Pneumatic wheels protect your clients’ hardwood floor as well as help to absorb the jars and bumps (there is no reason to transmit this through your precious and expensive instrument).
    • 12" polyurethane wheel greatly helps to navigate thresholds and other bumps.

    • Flared sides to fit most padded harp base covers (cover will not fold up on edge of padded base cover like other designs).
    • Ribbed rubber padding provides anti-slip and padded sides protect the finish of your harp.

    • Dual Heavyweight Polypropylene straps....for extra protection (and also helps to keeps your cover from rubbing against the wheels)
    • Adjustable Side release Snapping buckles give you the security and safety that Velcro is not capable of having.

    Ships in Canada Only. 

    Inventory available but must contact us to coordinate shipping cost. Shipping costs can be up to $125.67 depending on destination.

  • American Harp Cart
  • American Harp Cart
  • American Harp Cart
  • American Harp Cart
  • American Harp Cart
  • American Harp Cart

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