• Aquila "Genuine Gut" Strings

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  • Description


    When the Ukulele appeared (in approx. 1874), gut strings were the only choice available. The gut strings initially used were those of the Violin (first and second strings). Made by hand as before, the gut strings of these sets allow you to enjoy the authentic sounds of the ‘Roaring Twenties’.

    Aquila is interested in recovering, as exactly as possible, not only the string technology of the time when the instrument was developed but especially the forgotten sounds that we can now enjoy only in old records. To achieve their goal, they had to undertake research that could be described as ‘archaeological’ which included the collection and measurement of Ukulele gut strings of that time.


    This short excerpt from the popular show 'How It's Made' shows how Aquila makes gut strings. They show violin strings but it would be the same process for their ukulele strings. Enjoy.

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