• Dakota Lullaby

    Starke, Shirley

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    Sleep and rest on my breast, Little love and my treasure,

    Safe and warm in my arms: Love is too great to measure.

    A new lullaby written in the midst of a North Dakota January – the classic words and melody would be equally suitable sung by a mother in modern times, a pioneer mother on the prairie, or a Norse or Celtic mother in Viking times.


    As she lulls her child to sleep, aware of the immense cold outside, the mother muses on the transient nature of peace and the need to cherish the beautiful moments in our lives:

    Sunset’s glow, stars and snow: God surrounds us with beauty.

    Why must we chiefly see Fear and want and duty?

    The sheet music is 8½" x 11", 4 pages, and includes words, melody for voice, chord symbols, and arrangement for lever or pedal harp (like most harp music, it can also be played on the piano). Level: easy to intermediate; in the key of C with no accidentals.

    Also available as PDF: Buy digital version

    For Lever or Pedal harps

  • Dakota Lullaby
  • Dakota Lullaby

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