• Flea Ukulele, Designer Series

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    Flea Uke, Designer Series

    Available in Soprano or Concert sizes. Solid maple or walnut neck; laminate birch soundboard. Injection molded thermoplastic body; and polycarbonate or hardwood fretboard. Both sizes can be ordered in a variety of designs as well as with pickup options. Fleas come standard with Nyltech strings. Soft and hardshell cases available.


    Flea Ukulele, Designer Series

    Introduced in 2002, the Flea is another departure from the classic ukulele form. Created by Dale Webb, the Flea features the same hybrid design as the Fluke: a unique composite construction of wood and injection molded thermoplastic. The combination of wood soundboard and acoustically resonant thermoplastic body, gives this instrument an edge over the traditional standard ukes. It has a rich and bright sound, is comfortable to hold and stands up on its end as well.

    Known for its easy play-ability with a full 14" soprano scale and generous string spacing - a favorite for seasoned players or a perfect first uke. Its durable construction and meticulous set up is ideal for class or travel, weighing in at about one pound.

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