• Kazoo - Grover Trophy Kazoo

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    Can’t Get More Original Than This!

    The Grover Trophy Metal Kazoo is a great introduction to music and musical instruments. The kazoo features a durable metal body ideal for classroom use. The Grover Trophy Metal Kazoo is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play

    The Grover Trophy is possibly one of the most durable kazoos available on the market today and makes a fine choice for all kazoo players out there! First of all, this kazoo is designed magnificently. The metal casing is truly remarkable and is what separates the toys from the real deal.

    This kazoo is crafted with care and will create a more solid and fuller sound. The kazoo is not only a humorous “toy” for children but can be professionally played in styles such as blues, jazz, rock, county and much more! With Grover Trophys ability to easily flow from deeper lower note all the way to screaming high notes, this kazoo is the main weapon of choice.

    Nothing can compare to the clean and crisp sound of this beauty and measuring at 4.75 inches, it is perfect for the travelling musician with it being so light weight and compact! Very affordable and certainly one of the best!

  • Kazoo - Grover Trophy Kazoo
  • Kazoo - Grover Trophy Kazoo

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