• Harping Cats and Dogs

    Cater, Kathryn

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    Eight original songs in a wide variety of moods and styles. All pieces are named after family pets. Danny Solves the Mystery is a cute minor melody in 6/8 using both hands for the quick melody. Lullaby For Smokey is slow and sweet with a repetitive left hand accompaniment. Walkin' Wally is like early 60's rock music! Left hand gets a cool walking bass, right hand has a fun syncopated melody. Just keep it slow, because poor Wally has very short legs (he's a Basset). Grumpy Dreams of Flying has mysterious glissandos and a whole note melody that is almost chant-like (Grumpy is a very lazy, fat cat). Chasing Buddy is perfect for the student who wants to play everything fast and loud. It's very showy and not really hard! Baron's Blues is a slow jazz piece with clever lever settings. This is a great piece for teaching counting and syncopation. Forest Friends and Buckwheat's Baby are great for teaching running eighth notes, and the latter teaches left hand I, IV and V chords as well. Students will love all of these pieces!  BEGINNER

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    Table of Contents:
    Danny Solves the Mystery, Lullaby for Smokey, Walkin' Wally, Grumpy Dreams of Flying, Chasing Buddy, Baron's blues, Forest Friends, Buckwheat's Baby.

    For Lever and Pedal Harps.
  • Harping Cats and Dogs
  • Harping Cats and Dogs

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