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    Kerfed Lining

    Kerfed lining ("kerfing") forms a surface for gluing and reinforcing a guitar's soundboard, sides and back. Each lining is kerfed (slotted) to allow easy bending to fit a ukulele's curved sides.

    I offer traditional angle-cut linings with kerfing that faces outward, and a newer radiused style with reverse kerfing. The reverse style can add more stiffness to the sides, and a smoother appearance inside the body.

    Basswood lining strips are angle-cut and notched for easy bending. Four strips are sufficient for a ukulele or F-style mandolin. These linings can also be used for dulcimers. Sold individually.

    Traditional kerfed linings - Basswood
    7/32" x 3/8" x 15-1/2"
    (5.56mm x 9.52mm x 393.70mm)


    Traditional kerfed linings - Basswood & Mahogany
    7/32" x 9/16" x 15-1/2"
    (5.56mm x 14.29mm x 393.70mm)
    Reverse kerfed linings - Basswood & Mahogany
    7/32" x 5/8" x 16"
    (5.56mm x 15.88mm x 406.40mm)
  • Kerfed Lining
  • Kerfed Lining
  • Kerfed Lining

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