• Red Cedar Tenor - Scratch & Dent ~~SOLD~~

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    This lovely Mainland Ukes Red Cedar Tenor ukulele had a little accident when I was unpacking it from its shipping carton. The bottom of the foam bag the uke was packed in opened unexpectedly, and the uke dropped about 50 cm onto the tile floor. NO! The uke landed on the back corner at the bottom of the lower bout.

    As a result there is a 2.5 cm and a 1.5 cm dent in the uke on the bottom back edge, as well as a 6 cm hairline crack on the back. The crack has been massaged back into place and glued. The dents have been sweated out as close as possible to the original profile and the lacquer has been touched up. This damage does not affect the playability or the tone of the instrument, only the appearance.

    This beautiful Red Cedar Series Tenor ukulele offers a clear, rich, and robust tone. The tenor is the largest of the ukuleles that are typically tuned GCEA and it tends to have a little more resonance than the smaller ukes.


    • solid top of red cedar with signature rope binding;
    • solid rosewood back, sides, fretboard, and bridge;
    • genuine bone nut and saddle; and
    • Aquila strings
  • Red Cedar Tenor - Scratch & Dent ~~SOLD~~
  • Red Cedar Tenor - Scratch & Dent ~~SOLD~~
  • Red Cedar Tenor - Scratch & Dent ~~SOLD~~
  • Red Cedar Tenor - Scratch & Dent ~~SOLD~~

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