• Snowfall

    Nystrom, Marianna

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    Contemplative music. Four pieces that are nicely developed improvisations. Very well-written. Due to some large reaches and a few eighth note runs that may be a little tricky for the less experienced player. Each piece is nicely developed and four to five pages long. The  soulful piece "September Sorrow" was written as a commemorative piece after Sept 9/11. Snowfall requires at least a full range lever harp, the other three are adaptable to a 32 or 29 string harp. No lever or pedal changes. Suitable for hospice. 20 pages


    Snowfall (key of D major in 6/4 time),

    Moondance (key of Bb in 4/4 time),

    September Sorrow (the key of Eb in 3/4 time), and

    Meditation (key of F in 3/4 time)..ADVANCED BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE

    For Lever and Pedal Harp


  • Snowfall
  • Snowfall
  • Snowfall

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